What To Put In Mason Jars For Baby Shower Favors?20 Best Solutions

What To Put In Mason Jars For Baby Shower Favors?20 Best Solutions

Planning a baby shower is an exciting endeavor, and one of the key elements that can make it truly memorable is the choice of favors. Mason jars are a versatile and charming option for baby shower favors. These timeless containers offer endless possibilities for creative and personalized gifts that will leave your guests delighted. You may be confused as a mother about what to put in mason jars for baby shower favors.

This holds true regardless of whether the baby shower is focused on gifts for the baby girl, gifts for the baby boy, or is wholly gender-neutral. Most importantly, baby shower favors are a way to thank everyone who attended for coming, for their encouragement, and for their thoughtful gifts for the baby. The list below holds creative and thoughtful ideas to put in a mason jar that will make your celebration memorable.

1. Bath Salts and Mini Bath Bombs

What To Put In Mason Jars For Baby Shower Favors?20 Best Solutions

Treat your guests to a relaxing experience with mason jars filled with bath salts and mini bath bombs. You can choose soothing scents like lavender or eucalyptus to create a spa-like atmosphere. These favors are perfect for helping guests unwind after the celebration.

2. Candy Bar Mix

What To Put In Mason Jars For Baby Shower Favors?20 Best Solutions

Satisfy your guests’ sweet cravings by filling mason jars with a colorful assortment of candies. You can even create a candy bar with jars filled with different types of candies, allowing guests to scoop their favorites into personalized bags.

3. Cookie Mix

Show off your baking skills by layering the ingredients of your favorite cookie recipe in mason jars. Attach a recipe card, and your guests will have a delightful treat to enjoy at home. It’s a sweet gesture that they’ll remember long after the shower.

4. Miniature Jams or Honey

Give your baby shower a touch of sweetness by gifting miniature jars of jam or honey. These small jars of goodness can be customized with labels that match your baby shower theme.

5. Mini Cupcakes in a mason jar for the baby shower


For a more decadent option, bake mini cupcakes and place them inside the mason jars. Top them with colorful frosting and sprinkles, and seal the jar for a cute and delectable baby shower favor.

6. Succulents or Mini Plants

For a natural and eco-friendly touch, consider planting succulents or mini plants in mason jars. These green favors not only look adorable but also symbolize growth, making them a meaningful choice for a baby shower.

8. Personalized Keepsake Notes

Make your baby shower favors extra special by including personalized keepsake notes in mason jars. These notes can include heartfelt messages, quotes, or fun facts about the parents-to-be. Guests will appreciate the thought and effort put into these personalized tokens.

9. Photo Memories in Mason jar for baby shower

Personalize your mason jars by adding a photo of the expectant parents or an ultrasound image of the baby. This sentimental touch will create a cherished keepsake for your guests.

10. Tea or Coffee Blends


Create a cozy ambiance with mason jars filled with custom tea or coffee blends. Include a variety of flavors and personalized labels for a unique touch. These favors are perfect for guests who enjoy a warm beverage.

11. Flower Bouquets in Mason Jar For Baby Shower

For a touch of elegance, fill the mason jars with small bouquets of fresh flowers. Choose flowers that match your color scheme and tie a ribbon around the jar for an exquisite favor that guests can enjoy at home.

12. Homemade Scented Candles

What To Put In Mason Jars For Baby Shower Favors?20 Best Solutions

Craft scented candles in mason jars with soothing scents like vanilla, lavender, or baby powder. These candles can create a cozy atmosphere and serve as a lovely keepsake.

13. Customized Hand Sanitizers

In today’s world, practical favors are appreciated. Fill mini mason jars with customized hand sanitizers and attach a cute label with the baby’s name and shower date.

14. Seed in Mason Jar for Baby Shower

Encourage the growth of love by gifting guests seed packets in mason jars. Choose flower or herb seeds and attach a note that says, “Watch Love Blossom.”

15. Tiny Terrariums

What To Put In Mason Jars For Baby Shower Favors?20 Best Solutions

Create tiny ecosystems in mason jars with mini succulents, decorative stones, and moss. These terrariums are not only beautiful but also low-maintenance.

16. Customized Keychains

Craft personalized keychains featuring the baby’s name and a charming design. Place them in mason jars with a note that says, “Our Hearts are Keyed to Yours.”

17. Bath and Body Scrubs

What To Put In Mason Jars For Baby Shower Favors?20 Best Solutions

Make DIY bath and body scrubs with ingredients like sugar, coconut oil, and essential oils. These scrubs will leave your guests feeling pampered.

18. Tealight Holders

What To Put In Mason Jars For Baby Shower Favors?20 Best Solutions

Decorate mason jars with paint, glitter, or lace, and insert tealight candles. These jars can double as table decorations during the event.

19. Recipe Jars

What To Put In Mason Jars For Baby Shower Favors?20 Best Solutions

Share a family-favorite recipe with your guests by layering the dry ingredients in mason jars and attaching a recipe card. It’s a thoughtful and tasty keepsake.

20. Miniature Drinks In Mason Jar For Baby Shower Favor

What To Put In Mason Jars For Baby Shower Favors?20 Best Solutions


Mason jars are the perfect canvas for crafting unique and meaningful baby shower favors. Whether you choose edible delights, green and growing gifts, keepsakes, or personalized messages, your guests will treasure these tokens of your appreciation. Get crafty, have fun, and make your baby shower a memorable event for everyone involved.


1. Can I use mason jars for a baby shower with any theme? Absolutely! Mason jars are versatile and can be decorated to suit any theme, from rustic to modern or even whimsical.

2. How can I personalize the mason jar favors? You can personalize mason jar favors by adding labels, ribbons, or tags with the baby’s name or a special message. You can also include a date to commemorate the occasion.

3. Where can I find mason jars in bulk for my baby shower favors? You can purchase mason jars in bulk at craft stores, online retailers, or even wholesale stores for a budget-friendly option.

4. Are there any alternatives to mason jars for baby shower favors?

Yes, you can consider using small boxes, bags, or other containers that suit your theme and preferences.




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