How to Style a Large Floor Vase-13 Smart Ways

How to Style a Large Floor Vase-13 Smart Ways

Styling a large floor vase can be a daunting task, but it’s a rewarding one when done right. Large floor vases can be a stunning addition to your interior decor, bringing an element of grandeur and sophistication to any room. Suppose you’re wondering how to style a large floor vase art of styling large floor vases, from choosing the right vase to the placement, filling, and layering. In that case, this article has incorporated all styles you can consider to style a large floor vase like a professional designer.


Choosing the Right Large Floor Vase

How to Style a Large Floor Vase-13 Smart Ways

 1- Size Matters

The size of your large floor vase is a crucial consideration. It’s like choosing the right outfit that fits you perfectly. If the vase is too small, it might get lost in the decor, failing to make the desired impact. On the other hand, an overly large vase can overwhelm the room and disrupt the visual balance. So If you’ve wide space you have to add a large floor vase rather than a small one.

2- Material and Style

How to Style a Large Floor Vase-13 Smart Ways

Selecting the right material and style for your large floor vase is equally important. The material should seamlessly blend with your decor. You can choose from various materials like glass, ceramic, metal, or wicker. Each material exudes a distinct vibe, so ensure that it complements your overall design aesthetic. If your decor is farmhouse style and minimalist you have to go for the ceramic vase, and if its boho you should go with a wicker vase.

Placement is Key

3- Center Stage

How to Style a Large Floor Vase-13 Smart Ways


Where you place your large floor vase can significantly impact its visual impact. Placing it in the center of a room can create a dramatic and captivating focal point. This is an excellent choice if you want to draw immediate attention to the vase and make it a centerpiece of your decor.

4-  Corner Elegance

How to Style a Large Floor Vase-13 Smart Ways

For those with more spacious rooms, putting your large floor vase in a corner can be a highly effective approach. This placement adds an air of elegance, subtly enhancing the room’s atmosphere without dominating it.

Fill Large Floor Vase with Flair

5- Fresh Flowers

How to Style a Large Floor Vase-13 Smart Ways

One of the timeless ways to fill your large floor vase is with fresh flowers. This not only brings life and color to your space but also provides the flexibility to change the look with the seasons. Fresh flowers can instantly breathe life into your decor.

6- Branches and Twigs

how to style large floor vase

For a touch of nature and a more permanent decor option, consider using decorative branches and twigs. These can be spray-painted to match your room’s color scheme, allowing for a unique and customized look. This is an ideal choice for those who prefer low-maintenance decor.

Layering and Accessories

7- Layer with Mirrors

how to style a large floor vase

Adding a large mirror behind your floor vase is a strategic way to create depth and amplify the vase’s visual impact. The mirror reflects both the vase and the surrounding decor, creating an illusion of more space and making the area look more inviting.

8- Add Lighting

how to style a large floor vase

Another way to enhance the charm of your large floor vase is by incorporating lighting. Place a floor lamp near the vase to create a warm and cozy ambiance in the evening. This plays with the lighting dynamics in the room and can be particularly captivating.

Incorporating Textures

 9- Contrast with Textiles

how to style a large floor vase

Texture is an often overlooked but essential element in decor. To enhance the visual interest around your large floor vase, incorporate textiles like rugs, throw blankets, or pillows with contrasting textures. This adds depth and tactile interest to the decor.

10-  Complement with Art

large floor vase

Artwork can be a valuable addition when styling a large floor vase. Select pieces that match the color scheme and theme of the vase. These artworks can be strategically placed nearby, creating a harmonious visual flow in the room.

Seasonal Switch-Up

 11- Year-Round Decor

How to Style a Large Floor Vase-13 Smart Ways

One of the joys of styling with a large floor vase is that it can be changed with the seasons. To keep your decor fresh and exciting, switch out the contents of the vase to match the time of year. For example, vibrant blooms in the spring and summer, and pine cones and branches in the fall and winter.

 12- Holiday Accents

How to Style a Large Floor Vase-13 Smart Ways

During holidays, your large floor vase can be adorned with festive decor. Consider adding ornaments, ribbons, or even miniature Christmas trees during the holiday season. This brings an element of festivity and celebrates the season.

Maintenance and Care

13- Regular Cleaning

Once you’ve styled your large floor vase to perfection, it’s essential to maintain its appearance. Dust and dirt can accumulate inside, so regular cleaning is necessary to keep it looking its best. Whether it’s glass, ceramic, metal, or wicker, each material requires proper care.

Flower Arrangement Tips

Cut the flowers at different heights to create an attractive and dynamic arrangement. Additionally, use a vase filler, like clear marble or decorative stones, to stabilize the vase and keep your arrangement in place.


In conclusion, styling a large floor vase is an art form that can transform your living space. By carefully considering the size, material, placement, and filling, and by incorporating mirrors, lighting, textures, and seasonal changes, you can make your large floor vase a centerpiece of your decor. Remember to maintain and care for it to ensure that it remains a captivating and elegant addition to your home.


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